At 365, students are welcome to stay 365 days a year! Do not worry if you are not interested in staying a whole year, we also accept shorter term leases.

Located at 365 Avenue de la Couronne in the commune of Ixelles, students walk to two of Brussels main universities ULB and VUB. At 365 students use and enjoy our communal spaces, our brand-new study room, our lovely inner court garden. At these communal spaces students get to know each other and become friends.

We offer student rooms adapted to your needs, such as private rooms, communal rooms or apartments, either furnished or unfurnished. Come and check out our website or come to our residence where you will get a view on all we offer to the students. We believe every student should love where they live and feel like home. We believe this is possible at 365!



Currently we rent student rooms for people from 55 different countries! Imagine what you can learn from all these diverse cultures, languages, habits…

Thanks to the construction of our residence, buildings are facing each other and are overlooking our big inner courtyard. That is why living at 365 feels like living in a small village. We hope you will discover how it feels to be part of our community!

Team & Services

Proudly, 365 wants to introduce its team!


Property Manager

Contact Laurence for:
The outgoing inventories

To contact Laurence:
At the office by appointment

Languages: French - English - Dutch


Property Manager Assistant

Contact Alexandre for:
Any information about 365
Renting & Visits
Any practical issue linked to the residence

To contact Alexandre:
At the office from 9.30 am till 12.30 pm, from Monday to Friday
+32 471 22 42 47

Languages: French - Dutch - English

Be Green !

365 wants to reduce its impact on planet Earth because we care about our environment. Look at what role 365 plays in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable and socially just human presence on this planet!

New and low energy materials

Our whole residence is built with new and low energy construction using solar panels, high insulation, green roofs, condensing boilers, high performance windows and automatic lights.


It is no secret that recycling helps to conserve natural resources of our planet, that is why 365 has different trash rooms where you can recycle your waste. In two indoor trash rooms, we explain by card boards in what type of bag you can dispose different sorts of waste.

Bike park

Since using a bicycle is friendly for our planet, we offer to all our students a large bike park where they can keep their bike safe. This parking is free and secured.

Innercourt garden

Last year we changed our innercourt and planted a green area in the middle of it. In springtime the grass in the garden will grow so we will have a little piece of nature on our site where our students can rest, meet friends and enjoy the fresh air and hopefully lots of sun.

Partnership with C-re-a.i.d.

We are proud to introduce you our partner, C-re-aid, an architectural NGO situated in Tanzania. C-re-aid’s mission is to promote a long-term socio-economic and environmental improvement across Tanzania and neighbouring countries. Through thorough research on alternative sustainable building techniques, they realise different construction projects. They work together with local craftsmen and empower them through workshops, in addition to training students in the field of sustainable architecture. Find out more about this very active and young team via

365 ⎜Discover

365 consists of 6 buildings, building A to building F. In building D, you will find 365's office where our team is located. At your first visit, we will give you a tour, so you can discover 365 with your own eyes. It looks rather complex on a map, but it is in fact very easy to find your way in our residence.

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